Adrienne is a singer songwriter who loves to perform, write and record music. One of her passions is to collaborate with other songwriters and arrange and record her music in the studio. Over the years she has written music with almost a dozen great songwriters creating music in many different genres. Many of these songs haven't been finely expressed in a recorded fashion which has recently moved her to put together her own recording studio. Now she begins a new journey in her life learning the art of recording and giving voice to the many unrecorded songs she's written over the years, spreading her music to the world using the internet, while making her living performing music in the Florida Keys.

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I joined broadjam at the end of Oct. I am very interested in connecting with other writers, engineers and producers. I've just begun learning how to record and my song Blue Day is my first recording effort which I wrote, recorded and mixed in 4 days because I wanted to have it on my page for my submission to the Miami Music Festival which I will be performing at! Any advise from other broadjam members is very much appreciated.


Adrienne is a singer and songwriter who's voice and songs are reminicent of artist's like Joni Mitchell, Riki Lee Jones and Sara McLaughlin. Early in her music career, Adrienne achieved local success in the Metro Boston area both in local clubs and the streets of Harvard Square, Cambridge. After producing her first release, One Step Closer. Her song, "Overboard" became the most requested song that year on Boston radio station WERS. Soon after producing her second release "Dust into Dawn," she was nominated for a Boston Music Award and featured in Boston Women Magazine. After her third release, "Looking Within Looking Without, " she got heavy airplay on college radio and a feature article in Songtalk published by the National Academy of Songwriters where they called Adrienne, "an enchanting......exquisite talent." In an article entitled Adrienne - More than Just FolkLore, the live review states, " There's a mystical quality in her writing that I've seen in few other performers...... it is beyond me someone this talented has not been signed to a major label record deal. In 1993 she joined forces w/fellow singer/songwriter Marsia Shuron Harris and together they performed in the Keys and throughout New England as the duo Aye. Their CD, "Sweet Life" was chosen in the top 10 albums of 2000 by The Greenfield Recorder and they received stellar reviews in Northeast Performer Magazine, The Boston Globe, The Key West Citizen and Key West The Newspaper, to name a few. Currently, Adrienne performs solo and recently finished a CD with the rock band Injade, which she formed in 2002 with partner David Tortolano. The band has received rave reviews throughout the Florida Keys everywhere they perform their music. Both Adrienne and Injade have been getting airplay on local radio stations as well as television. Whether performing solo or with the band Injade, Adrienne's sweet and alluring vocals are a welcome treat to any who listen.

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The LovePops
over 30 days ago to Adrienne

My Dear Floridian Sister, You should have 5780 plays by now! I want to reach for your soul and touch your heart, and release the inhibition to Love and bet Loved and be Known! Your music is too good to live in the shadows. Come to the Light, and know that You are Loved. - LovePop

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over 30 days ago

Thanks LovePop! I am not very active here on Broadjam though I am almost finished with a bunch of new tunes. I love to collaborate. Thank you for the kind words. I'm all about love too so you're in good company!

Jessie Laine Powell
over 30 days ago to Adrienne

Hello Adrienne like your music! I am starting a new artist page on Facebook call Indie Factor Movement. It will offer important tools to help you market your music as well as a support hub for independent Artists are you and myself. To find out more Friend me at Jessie laine powell. I am a professional jazz artist wanting to help my indie family achieve greater success with their music. Keep the music alive!!

Fox Flame Music
over 30 days ago to Adrienne

Hi Adrienne!

I came upon your page just now.... and not feeling or thinking it was purely by accident. I receive Google messages daily about certain friends or artists, etc., and one of the messages I just read included your name with a mutual friend of ours: Lourdes Pita! In fact, she gave me one of your CD's as a gift in 2007.

I listened to only a couple of your songs here, so far, and found "BLUE DAY" to be awesome! Everything about it is great! So, your first recording effort and song you wrote (and recorded & mixed in 4 days!?) is sure to be a "hit" for you! I hope you have much success with your submission to the Miami Music Festival. (Not sure if it's upcoming, or has already ended). In my opinion, "BLUE DAY" ought to be a winner.

My best to you, Adrienne!
~ Sherri

PS: I just created an "Fan account" here, and will have to make up a profile when I have time.

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