I started learning to play guitar when I was 13, and despite frantically trying to improve technically, I eventually realised I enjoyed songwriting more than just playing.

I like to write what I believe is called 'alternative acoustic' although I'm not entirely sure what I'm an alternative to. I also like general pop music and can appreciate anything with a good melody and a good hook. My friends would consider the contents of my iPod to be unspeakably uncool, but songwriters everywhere are earning a living from unspeakably uncool songs, so it's fine by me.

I do also really like country and it's related genres. I one day would like to purchase a pedal steel guitar and learn how to play it. I live in London which is nothing like Nashville, so I don't own a trademark Stetson, something in which I would undoubtedly look very stupid.

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Finished my song for the American Idol opportunity. I hope St. Paul likes it :-)
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