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Driven by unwavering passion and raw talent, Zander Bleck, 24, based in New York City, has set out to take the world by storm as an international music artist.

Diversely inspired by music from the legends of classic rock, (Led Zeppelin, Queen, U2) to the more contemporary sounds and production of (Coldplay, Daft Punk, and Kanye West), Zander Bleck has blended his powerful singing and songwriting talent with the top production of Adam Longlands of the Matrix Group to create a phenomenal mix of vintage rock, pop and electronic sounds.

In 2003, Zander moved from rural NJ, to New York City to pursue his passion for the arts, and break into the entertainment industry as a model and actor. His unique good looks, creative mindset, and unwavering determination resulted in Zander traveling the world with modeling jobs for clients like Diesel, Armani, and Energie, and features in countless publications such as GQ, Vogue, and Vanity Fair.

Having successfully reached the top tier of the modeling industry, Zander knew it was time to hone his unique skills and decided to channel all of his creativity and energy into his true passion for music. Zander dedicated the following two years to developing his voice, song writing, and frontman live performances with his band Monument. Zander's perseverance culminated in significant interest from some of the top major record labels. A major label record deal was initialized for Zander, and although he realized the tremendous benefits of the major labels, Zander's foresight of the changes in the traditional music industry spawned a life and career altering decision.

Zander sensed the changing of the tides in the music industry and decided to utilize his entrepreneurship to forge ahead without a major record label. Utilizing creative ideas, the latest technology and marketing techniques, as well as grass roots, word of mouth promotion to get his music out to the world, Zander has set out with the immense benefit of complete creative control; remaining true to the artist he desires to be.

Since deciding to pursue the independent artist route in August 2008, Zander has released an amazing 6 song EP, including two dance remixes by top DJ Jaimie Fanatic. Zander has also directed and produced his two innovative music videos; the visually stunning and thought provoking video for "Beyond the Horizon", and the refreshingly unique video for "Get Up". Zander debuted as a solo artist at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tavern on the Green event September 4, 2008. Most recently Zander has performed at Greenhouse club in NYC, The Canal Room, at the "Festival in the Desert" in the Sahara Desert in Mali, Africa and at the Winter Music Conference in Miami. The Zander Bleck EP is available on iTunes.

Zander Bleck is on a mission to push the boundaries of the current music industry and deliver innovative, top-level art to the world.

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