The artist lives and work in California, USA with his wife Sasha and stepson Daniel.
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Nick Fuse
over 30 days ago to V.Y.Mann

Vladimir, Great Job on All Evening Long, mon amie. As the #1 Top 10 Pop Lullaby dude, I send you the Hand of Friendship from the City of Love. Sing on! - Nikolai Gogol Fuse

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over 30 days ago

Thank you for the comment, Nick!.. Unfortunately, Gogol has never been in the City of Love... :)
I write in Russian very well - I would say, almost as Gogol :))). But my English is not quite perfect - so, Nick, I apologize for a possible twist of the tongue... Vlad.

over 30 days ago to V.Y.Mann

It is a beautiful song. I am your utmost fan. Thank you.

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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