"Every flake is different."

Snow is passionate about good sound, original commercial formats, and exceptional soundtracks that invigorate the imagination.

To hire Snow for production services... please contact him directly through the Broadjam system.

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Hello. I am Snow.

Expect a wonderful assortment of demos soon.

Thank you for your support.


Composing fees vary by film.

Engineering and Mastering @$100 Usd an hour.

Remixing @ $1K Usd for full copyrights and credit to Snow in remix title. Remixing @ $500 Usd for 50% musical copyright on remix to Snow.

Collaborations starting at 1K Usd for "Ghost Production" buyout services. Session players and vocalist not included in producer/composer fees.

No Charge 50/50 Collaborations are hand picked. Time is a resource in all studios. Priority always goes to the clients.

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Clean Clean

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