15 Year Old Singer / Songwriter / Musician (Guitar, Piano)

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Hi! My name is Shane Carther. I'm just getting started here on Broadjam, and I'm really excited to get to work!

Shane Carther's Biography

Shane Carther is a 15 year old boy who is often referred to as a young philosopher.

Shane's love for music started early. Shane started singing at the age of 9. Shane taught himself how to play the piano by watching his vocal coach perform. He soon moved on to the guitar and started writing original music at the age of 11.

A contemplative old soul, Shane explores feelings, ideas, and ideals that are mature beyond his years. Shane is a passionate talent; A boy with a guitar and a message.


Jessie Laine Powell
over 30 days ago to Shane Carther

Hello Shane, I am new a well! Would love for you to be apart of a new site as well on Facebook that will be launching for indie artist like yourself. You can't have enough social groups to be apart of if they are helpful. This site is called Indie Factor Movement. It will have you the tools you would need to effectively market your music. Launching date is coming soon! Please tell your friend. Have they friend me on facebook! Hope to see you there as well as Broadjam!

Todd Carther Thomas
over 30 days ago to Shane Carther

I've heard your music and it's great!

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