"Through The World's Eyes" is a compilation album of 12 spiritual ballads wrapped in a variety of today's contemporary music genres. This album represent societies demand for a new and better world we all hunger so much for but have yet to accomplish. It speaks of a deeper love and commitment to each other and this precious earth which has been granted into our care by the Creator. What we will do with each other and this life is yet to be seen. But time is our friend and this author hopes it will be used wisely by one and all.

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David Rogers has been writing and recording for 15 years. David also runs a Mastering Business in the UK, available via www.village-mastering.co.uk

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Hello, I am Dee. I am a writer, poet/lyricist, artist and a resident of Texas, USA. David Rogers is my music partner. He is a very talented writer, poet, musician, vocalist, music producer and a resident of Great Britain. We found each other through the internet and our collaboration has created this unique, pioneer CD album: "Through The World's Eyes".

David has independently created all music, accomplished the vocals and produced and mastered all songs in this collection. The lyric credits include my poetry with exception of three songs which are David's own lyrical endeavors.

All 12 songs will be posted periodically, 3 at a time, for viewers to listen to and download.

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Dee Burgess

Track Listing: TTWE

Through The World's Eyes
Track listing:

1. Through The World's Eyes
2. Conditional, Unconditional Love
3. The System
4. Remember
5. Things Are Not Always As They Seem
6. Love Is An All New High
7. Plant A Garden
8. Lately
9. My Heart
10. Tomorrow's Another Day
11. Disappear
12. Last Request

Bonus Tracks:
13. From The Beginning
14. She Said

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