For A while, I really wanted to be a virtuoso musician to awe everyone. But I noticed that many of those musicians don't engage the audiance. Then I looked at musicians who made the general populous' head's bob, music that made people want to shout, or dance, or sing. I noticed that it wasn't necessarily the most difficult music that inspires people. And so my recent focus has been to engage my audience rather than impress them. I want to see them cry. I want to see them challenged to live life to the fullest. I want to see them inspired to impact the world around them for good.

I grew up in small town wisconsin and got my bachelor's in vocal performance at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire. I've dabbled in everything from Jazz and Traditional Irish pub music, to Rock and Urban Gospel.

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I am currently writing jingles and song submissions for different contests on broadjam and on regional events accross the country. In Mid-oct. I'm going to try my hand at long-term substitute teaching for a friend. Should be interesting, to say the least- but I am excited to excercize one of my passions: devoloping people. I love to see students get from point 'A' to point 'B.' I also love to rock and roll. A lot.

Michael Rambo

Michael Rambo is a bonified home-grown writer and musician who couldn't find anything else to do besides music. This up-and-comming musician has been tempered through the fires of an intense study of classical music, a deep rooted interest and cross-study in Jazz and Urban gospel music and style, and a brief year and a half experimentation with traditional ethnic folk music. This multi-tallented musician has performed at various venues in the Twin cities and Eau Claire area in Wisconsin, and currently directs music at Tabernalce of Praise Church.
With a love of words and a desire for excellent music, Michael Rambo is sure to engage audiences, large and small.

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