OverLordian Records is the home of the LandLordz, Clevelands Finest rap group.
We are currently in the process of adding new songs from new artists STB (Small Time Benny) of The Setup Squad, and Lucky Montana from the OverLordian Camp.

Be on the lookout for "The Midwest Takeover" coming this winter.

LandLordz Bio

Formed in '94 / '95 season by Lord Sho and Rebel Quest in Quest's basement. Made a demo song with a track from Rad(Rad and Quick) but never released it. In 1999, Sho began to piece together his own studio for the Lordz to record with. Lord Sho later hooked up with Dizzy at a session. Dizzy found a connection with DBC and he and Sho made High Noon and Double Dragons.Now the LandLordz have formed their own Publishing Company and produce and mix all of the Land Lordz' tracks. They appear occasionally at a local club called the Rythym Room on open mic night. Their Album: 2001 A.D The Year of the LorDz, which was being recorded and produced and recorded right in Lord Sho's crib, will now be coming out under LoPro Records; Be on the lookout. Clevelands Finest!!!!!! Underground Hip-Hop from Cleveland. One of the best groups not to have a deal. Raw recordings with raw Lyrics to match. These Cats deserve a listen.

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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