All growing up on the same block (Davidson Ave.) in the southwest Bronx, Buddy Mylez (a.k.a. Kid Buddah) (22), Joe Dirt (22), Che Kidd (22), and Persevere (18) all share a story that ties in from childhood. Buddah, Dirt, and Che all lived in the same building with Persevere only across the street. They were the closest of friends, but as time passed they all ended up going their seperate ways. In the summer of 2003, Buddah found himself back on Davidson; he visited the 3 and rekindled the long lost friendship. Soon a new found mutual interest amongst the four was realized and they started a group called “4 T’REIGN”. As kids it was "the only way out the hood” as the 4 train ran from the Bronx to Brooklyn and was literally the only train in the neighborhood. All of them have high aspirations of being successful in the music industry (four to reign) and with The Bronx virtually falling off the Hip-Hop map these four young men are ready to host it's homecoming. “RIDE WIT’ US OR GET LEFT!”


James W. Darrell Jr., a.k.a yA bOy "DaReal" has been deep into music from the age of 7, although not always by choice. He went from being forced to practice his piano everyday to performing seasonal recitals with the rest of his fellow students at The Suzuki School of Contemporary Arts in Bermuda.

From there he took a long break from the piano and started to focus more on school and just being a teenager. However, the music never left him and when he went off to University he met up with a small group of individuals that helped rekindle a flame inside him that had long since died out. He joined up with three of these young men and they became "The New Breed." The group made a name for themselves through various rap battles and performances, but their most notable achievement was their hit single "Grown Man" (prod. by Severe Jones & Buddy Mylez) which got them radio play back in Bermuda.

After graduating, "DaReal" moved to Hollywood, with the hopes of mastering his new found talent. At the time he was unsure of himself, and pursued music on the business end of things. Since his arrival he has become a certified Pro Tools operator, took classes in Music Theory and worked for many prominent studios and labels, including Universal Music, Beluga Heights, and Serenity West Recordings. After working behind the scenes and shaking hands with some of the big heads of the industry Mr. Dareal decided that doing press releases for those who were fulfilling their dreams wasn't enough. It was time for him to branch out on his own, and be the boss. "The Repertoire" his debut album, 3 years in the making ,is bound to turn heads.....and for him, it is only the beginning.


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