Country to Flamenco, Blues to Hawaiian, Contemporary Christian to Choirs, Folk to Rock...Nightbloom's music can give you the thrill of many musical worlds. Marlene*** works mainly with the guitar, voice, and computer-generated world music and her lyrics will go straight to your heart! Jasmine concentrates mostly on Flamenco Guitar and recently received a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Hawaii. Together they make the Flamenco/Hawaiian/ Contemporary duo, "Nightbloom."
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Available for gigs, weddings, church specials or to create personal songs and jingles.

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Hard to pin a genre on us. Hawaiian, Flamenco, Christian.
We play flamenco/classical guitar most of the time at gigs.
Jasmine backs up other Hawaiian artists.
We write songs that are Flamenco, Contemporary Christian, Island Contemporary, rock-pop, and Country.
Visit us at to hear more.
Our album's 2nd proof was just sent to us...won't be long, now!!

Our new album experience

We just came back from recording our first album with Tate Music Group in Oklahoma. They are an Indie Label, also a Christian organization, members of the BBB and also a book publisher.
They gave us 3 days to record, which was too little, but they are hoping their artists will only do 8 on an album, but we'd already agreed upon 12, which I was pushing for 14! Ha.
They have a tiny studio, with 2 sound booths, but educated musicians to lay down extra tracks as session musicians (I think they do it all for some people) and make drum tracks, although they do it live sometimes.
They took our pre-done orchestra tracks in Logic, and added our voices and guitars, one by one, which was the hardest part. On most things, we played to a click track, which is the most difficult thing to musicians who are used to feeding off of each other.
So, we gave our producer 9 songs, and gave him another that was done as Flamenco at one of Jas's recitals. We still may record here and send him 1-2 more--still praying about it.
Anyway, it will be about 4-5 months till the album comes out, but it will be great!!
Love, Marlene*** of Nightbloom

Who is Nightbloom?

Nightbloom and Nightbloom Music consist of Marlene Jones-Skurtu and her daughter Jasmine.
Marlene began writing song at 13, and although she set her guitar in the corner for years to raise her 4 children, recently got a Bachelor of Arts in Music. She plays regularly on the Worship Team of King's Cathedral in Oahu. Last year she discovered FAWM.ORG (February Album Writing Month) and wrote 16 songs in 14 days!! She sings, plays guitar, a little bit of other instruments, and even writes computer-generated pieces.
Jasmine began singing songs before she could even speak sentences. She figured out at 6 years old how to play nursery rhymes on the piano with 2 hands. Then, she won awards in school for her vocals, and played violin. After homeschooling her last 3 years of HS, she began college and ran far ahead of her peers in guitar, even playing "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies." She got a Bachelor of Music degree in Guitar Performance, last year with honors. The duo made a trip to Spain where she learned Flamenco guitar.

The duo both write guitar pieces as well as vocal songs. Their genre is "Everything from Pop to Aloha with a Twist of Flamenco." They will be cutting their first album in March, 2009.

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