Narayan is a New Jersey-based electronic-rock band with influences ranging from Radiohead and U2 to Nine Inch Nails and Depeche Mode. Narayan is sure to lure listeners with its massive sound.

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Narayan, a New Jersey-based electronic-rock band, is sure to captivate any listener with its massive soundscapes. Listeners can trace undercurrents of everything from Radiohead and U2 to Nine Inch Nails and Depeche Mode. The up-and-coming quintet was founded by frontman and songwriter Vyom Pandit after over a decade of performing with a number of bands in the NYC area. Narayan’s rapidly growing fanbase credit the band’s determination and ambition that could push rock music well into new territory.

Narayan was formed in 2002 following Pandit's departure from his previous band. Unimpressed with typical Jersey rock, he started writing and recording material for the album subsequently known as A King Declares Strength, which blends introspective lyrics with an electronic edge, driving guitars, thick melodies, and memorable beats. The listener will be hard pressed to find the mindless ear-candy abound in today's music; each songs holds lyrical significance beyond cliches. It was conceived with the goal of evoking emotion in its audience through compelling, heartfelt lyrics. Vyom: “[A King Declares Strength] is a personal account of the human experience, particularly of hope, loss, and love. I wanted to explore emotional entropy and capture it both lyrically and musically.” He performs all of the instruments on the album, "It was an entirely new creative process for me that blurred the lines between artist, engineer, producer, and performer."

After many months of incessant rehearsing, the group has been performing in support of A King Declares Strength. Narayan recently rocked the Ace of Clubs to a packed audience, leaving them wanting more than time would allow. "We especially enjoy performing live and connecting with the audience on an emotional level... there was a definite unity between us," Bahadir Erdem, the band's guitarist explains. With Russell Helfman on guitar, Dan Strano on bass, and Tom Becker on drums, Narayan pushes the limits of songwriting and live performance on every level.

Narayan recorded and mixed A King Declares Strength at Semitone Studios. Mastered by Emily Lazar at The Lodge NYC (The Prodigy, Depeche Mode, Garbage), their debut album is available on Be sure to visit or for the latest Narayan news and join their mailing list.

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