Four countryfried jazzboned bluz kickin'Harmonious Roots in the Funk, One Rock, one plan et a time.
From the beatles and the brothers allman to little feet trackin' with mahavishnu and hot licks dan taking ramsey while steelin' willas being grateful fish for ol' slowhand magic with jimi flyin' plates and drivin' sideways...
...feelin' so good.

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Trying to rap up new CD we've been working on the last few months"Dogg Gone Fishing"
...We really have gotten down to our roots on this one...really down home swamp and country bopbadidy..jazzin' stompin'..padidadidoe...these songs are stories of funkadilly legflips derived from comotose thought~rides in DORthy'sROcKBoOT<<
.Baby She Knows..Sometimes..I'veBeen Runnin'
..So Good.....Four Paws & a Fewd Hail Mary. til...The Rooster Crows and You Can't Turn Back


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Clean Clean

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