To become the epitome of the soul and the Spirit that was born within!
Smooov Jazz!

The Short Story

Lewis W. Wright IV began his musical journey listening to his fathers "reel to reel" tapes of various jazz artists. Lewis IV would listen along with Lewis III to the best in jazz, while Lewis III worked tirelessly in his home office at becoming one of the Army's finest officers. After a transfer to the Tidewater(Hampton Va.), Lewis was able to attend Lindsey Jr.High School and received instruction from Mr. Charles Nelson, who began to teach him how to apply musical skill towards producing popular music and contemporary jazz! Lewis' love for music continued to have an incubator at Phoebus High School in Hampton, VA where he continued studies under Mr. Alan Morris. Lewis is a loving husband, father of two step-children and two children who are on the move! The "voice" continues to call, the "reel to reel" never stopped, and so, . . .


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Clean Clean

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