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Actually, The Band is just me !! I appear frequently with The Beaumonts singing songs From 50's 60's and 70's and songs I have written. I was born A long time ago, at a very early age in Chicago, Illinois. My family were show performers, Magicians - Clowns -instrumentalists. My father was a character called Uncle Mistletoe for Marshal fields for many years. Sometimes at Gigs I perform Magic (Comedy) handed down from my Grandfather....My Grandfather Gus Gilard was a song-writer and had some success in 1918 with a published song called "It's all over -over there." I started performing at 5 years old with my father who traveled with the early Hadacol Caravans thru-out the south..(Hadacol was a TONIC that made you feel better! Was later closed down by goverment due to alcahol content).The first song I remember that was performed that I wrote was for a Scool Clean-up week show. The song was called "Cleanliness can prevent Trouble". I think I was about 10 years old. At about 15 years old My sister Gloria and I were getting into Learning guitars and would go see Fred Holstien (and others) to watch & Learn. Fred play a big Red Gibson 12 string guitar....That's what I wanted and have played 12 string guitar ever since..... I went into the Air Force and I performed with USO tours, Finished 2nd place in 2 categories of The world wide talent contest (comedy & Original Songwriting and Performing). I was writing songs during this time and still perform some of them today. My two favorite writers are Cindy Walker & Johnny Marks. Cindy Walker wrote many songs for Bob Will & the Texas Playboys (Western Swing) She also wrote "You don't know me" and Orbison's "Dream Baby." Johnny Marks wrote many Christmas tunes including "Holly Jolly Christmas " & "Rockin around the Christmas tree" Presently I am Writing , Singing and performing at various venues in the area. I will write more about my thrilling and exciting life in the near future....Len

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