There are, heaven knows, zillions of guitarists out in the world today. You've got to wonder about that sometimes, because that means that, in your lifetime you'll never get to know, or even hear, all of them.

I bring this up as part of this review because, I'm really at a loss for words. Leigh Williams is a technically brilliant guitarist. His debut solo CD, Absolute Zero, is an instrumental tour de force. If you love fast and flashy guitar playing, then you'll definitely love this album. Every track puts Williams' playing front and center for your listening pleasure. You can't help but sit spellbound during the first three songs (Calm Before the Storm, Clear Blue and FOG (Finger of God)) as he flies all over the fretboard.

By David Hodge
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Like a tornado gathering momentum, dynamic guitarist LEIGH WILLIAMS touched down in America establishing himself as a premier instrumental rock guitarist. one by one WILLIAMS' gathered some of rock music's most dynamic musicians, VIRGIL DONATI drums (Steve Vai, Ring of Fire, Planet X). MIKE KENEALLY Keyboards ( Frank Zappa, Steve Vai). PHILLIP BYNOE Bass (Steve Vai, Ring of Fire ) And Grammy Award Winning Engineer / Producer NEIL CITRON ( Producer Of "Clear Blue" - featured on Leigh's debut album). At the age of fourteen, WILLIAMS' was so overpowered with inspiration after seeing an " Iron Maiden" concert. He went home, picked up a piece of wood and a few strings, made a guitar, then taught himself how to play. In just a few short years, WILLIAMS was teaching guitar at a local music store in his native South Wales, UK, and began his formal training at the "Musicians Academy of London". He joined the rock group "Talen", and toured the UK promoting their newly released single. WILLIAMS' set almost impossible standards for himself, and was awarded with a scholarship from the " Prince Charles Trust". WILLIAMS' arrived in the US and continued his formal training at the Musician's Institute / G.I.T. (Guitar Institute of Technology) in Los Angeles. WILLIAMS' inspiration and force can be heard on his new CD release "Absolute Zero" recorded at Steve Vai's "Favored Nations " recording studio.

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