Within a few notes, listeners to Kierstin Gray grasp that they are witnessing the ascension of a perceptive storyteller. Armed primarily with an acoustic guitar and an arsenal of originals and covers, Kierstin has canvassed the country on a mission to bare her soul. As a singer-songwriter, she utilizes the sonic fabric found in her Jersey suburb roots and offers a patchwork of pop blending traditional rhythm and blues with organic rock.

Since taking her show beyond her Philly/New York City “backyard,” Kierstin has traveled coast to coast and throughout the Midwest and South as well as abroad in Europe.

The joy of a road trip, the loss found in maturity, and the beauty of love are themes found within Kierstin’s second collection, anything&everything: the second edition. While one of her signature tune’s “Wildfire” may detail the many thoughts had during a road trip, those viewing this new wunderkind may view the artist herself, the true boundless source of radiant energy.

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Curve Magazine, May 2004

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Want to know a secret? Here’s some structure first: dynamic songwriting, brilliant acoustic guitar chops, vocals that appeal to sweet highs of pop and shadowed lows of blues. Steady yourself – the secret: Kierstin Gray.

To be honest, the secret has been getting out the bag. Audiences across the country and in the UK have witnessed this surprisingly refreshing artist bare her soul and elicit theirs.
As her live shows have proven, the depth of this singer-songwriter’s melodic range, acoustic command, and on-stage wit illustrate that she surely has the elusive It-factor.

Within a few notes, listeners to Kierstin Gray grasp that they are witnessing the ascension of a perceptive storyteller. Modestly referencing her style as acoustic R&B, Kierstin provides a riveting performance whether strapped for a solo performance armed primarily with her guitar and arsenal of originals or with her jazz-flavored trio. Nonetheless, this term barely covers the pop, blues, classic soul or even country elements of her work.

Being a mere independent artist, Kierstin’s resume impressively lists performances at legendary venues on both coasts as well as significant benefits including World AIDS Day commemorations, Musicians on Call and NOW’s Code Red Rally. She has been featured nationally via XM Satellite Radio and NPR’s All Songs Considered. Additionally, Kierstin created and promotes The Skylark Series, a monthly live event in New York City featuring independent female-fronted bands.

In spite of an era when marketing labels divide and conquer devotees of musical diversity, Kierstin Gray’s music appeals to the song lover within any genre. Whether leading a corporate rebellion in “9 to 5,” nostalgically shedding a tear with “Sycamore Tree” or raising the dead with “Free,” Kierstin offers an ideal sampler on anything&everything: the second edition. A new live recording is scheduled for release in Fall 2005 – offering more reason to share the secret.

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