Welcome to the site and songs of an 89 year old retired physicist and entrepreneur.

So, how did I start songwriting? In 1962, I was writing a poem for my wife for our anniversary. Suddenly,there was music in my head to go with theme/title of the poem. I went to the piano, which I did not know how to play, sounded out and wrote the melody.

Since then, I've written over 100 songs, mostly for friends & families' milestone events.

James A. (Jim) Schoke (showkey)

Jim Schoke is a retired Nuclear Physicist and successful technical entrepreneur born in Chicago in 1924. His mother was always singing the popular songs of the day as he was growing up, so he did,too. He learned and played several instruments from the age of 9 through high school where he played in the Concert Band.

In 1962, when he was writing a poem for his wife for their anniversary, he suddenly heard music with the title of the poem, "Good As Gold." He then went to the piano and wrote the song. This encouraged him to study songwriting and he started to write and perform for milestone events of family & friends, and for charitable fund-raising events.

In 2013 he decided to try to get one or more of his songs to a publisher and/or recorded by other artists.

"Let"s Live the Give In Thanks-giving" was written to raise funds for Feeding America (formerly America's Second Harvest) and their local food banks throughout the US. The country genre was selected for a broad listeners appeal to bring all kinds of people in the USA together to help the hungry. This recording was made in Nashville. Hopefully, it will be heard on Radio and TV. All revenues received by James A.(Jim) Schoke, an ASCAP member, from this song will be donated to Feeding America!


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