We are the mighty Hellbound! A "Debt" Metal band from Dundee, Scotland!!! Currently working hard to get and album cut and also gigging like bastards! We gig nearly every weekend and have gathered quite a following! For all of us Heavy metal is the greatest form of music ever and we'll play it till we all get arthritis and die! In our music we are determined to write songs to the best of our ability and raise the bar after every song completed. Our music is a fresh take on Metal with thrash, GROOVE! and a bit o' death thrown in for good measure. Hopefully u'll feel the groove and support the Hellbound machine that will be rollin' full pelt to a town near you! Cheers! PJ

vocals; Shaun Nunes
Bass; Scott Beharrie
Drums; Jamie Butler
Guitar; Chris Guyan
Guitar; PJ

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