Farzad Milani is a Persian composer, music producer, singer, and quartertone accordion player. He started playing piano, keyboard, and accordion when he was seven, and now he is graduating from a music theory M.A. program at McGill University, Schulich music school. His topic of research is the Persian maqam/datgah musical system and non-western notations.

Farzad is the winner of many artistic and academic awards, such as The best accordion player of the year 2007, The best fusion album arrangement of the year 2016, the Phyllis and Bernard Shapiro award in Theory 2021, the Schulich Graduate/student Excellence award 2022, CIRMMT ResonatorTube award 2023, etc. 

He has more than 20 years of experience in teaching, music production, and working with different singers, musicians, and film/theater directors, either inside or outside of Iran.


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