my song was produced by a two time Grammy winner!!! check it out! REMEMBER! I'm a song writer not a singer! Listen to the arrangement and the "hook" this song ha!d5d5adc4
--- don phillips

> I have been one person of, I believe many that sent
> emails early last year suggesting a song writer
> contest. When you announced last summer that it was
> a
> GO! I went and had my best song professionally
> produced and recorded for this event! I would like
> to
> know when? or if? this contest is going to start?
> Thank you Don Robert Phillips
> My song is named "You're my shining light"

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You're my shining light Produced by a two time Grammy winner! Download it now for only 99 cents before it gets published and sells for much much more.....PLEASE NOTE this song is being promoted by a music agent for a professional singer/artist to sing! This mix is professional. My voice is not. Keep that in mind.......DRP


was excepted for membership by ASCAP! Also I was invited to the 2007 Ascap Pop Music Awards Show at the KODAK theartre in Hollywood mid April this year! I guess they liked my song? wish me luck! and I do the same back at all you great writers here at Broadjam! I entered several contests here, but I now, realise its a "popularity contest" as well as a "who spends the most time on this site contest" its not about the song production, or who was involved! It's time for me too move on.......God Bless All of you song writers.......Don Robert Phillips


My original song was produced by a 2 time Grammy winner and completed on December 21st 2006. IT has both a vocal track as well as instrumental. Please let me know what you feel!


Hi Don, Thanks for your great review of "Generations" a few months back, I seemed to overlook your review just stumbling on it today. Thanks so much for the perfect numbers!! Much respect, Dave

Hi Don, Yes I agree with everyone, I just reviewed "Shinning Light" and I really enjoyed this song. Great sensitivity and knowledge of sound and space. Best of luck, Dave

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Don Robert Phillips
over 30 days ago

Thanks Dave, I,m trying my best. Been playing piano since 5 years old. I was fortunate to have a friend that played sax and another lead guitar I wrote and composed this compilation but I did have it proffessioinal arranged Don

Hey Don.. I left a reply back to ya on my page, but didn't see it there today...wierd. Anyway, thanx for the kind words. I listened to Shining Light and it's a really pretty song. Keep up the great work! Loved ones are a great source of musical inspiration. All the best...Scott

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Don Robert Phillips
over 30 days ago

Thanks G Scott I like jazz fusion etc such as your work. Are you selling any songs or have any on the radio? We have a popular jazz easy listening station out here in So. Calif called the wave 94.7 KFWV you should try to contact them Don

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