Whats Good Broadband..My Name is YoUnG'N..A little history about me..First of all I am from Trinidad & Tobago..Yea big up to all my island people..I have a long history in music but I am not gonna get into that..I can play 5 instruments, I produce, mix, record, engineer and all that good stuff..and I am also a song writer..I write in four different kind of genres..I write Soca, Reggae, Rap/Hip-Hop & RnB..I like to make my fans and myself feel the sensation, vibes and story of my music..I started my own recording team (Die.another.Day Soldiers) back in 2002 and 5 years has past now and I am happy to say we are an inde label now..So I am happy for that..And on August 9th 2007 which is going to be my 19th birthday this year I am droping my mashing new album "A Red Black & White Affair"..So right now life is going great for me..And I gotta Thank God and Everyone around me for that..My new album is based on my carribean roots..Its gonna be a crazy and big party cuz thats what we love doing.

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New Album Comin August 9th 2007.......A Red Black & White Affair


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