Singer, songwriter, composer artist, doing live and studio work. Specializing in progressive rock, jazz and fusion

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Recieved an honerable mention award from the John Lennon songwriting contest for song titled "Sexy Lies" in 2002.

DexR, Rocks (in a unique way)!


ELP, Led Zeppelin, Rush, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd,
ZZTop, Frank Zappa, Genesis, Yes, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, and many more...


Dex plays guitar, keyboards, a little drums and sings. He was influenced by his grandmother to learn piano at an early age. He would always say, "ever since I first started playing music, I could see things and images in my mind, while playing or listening to music".

Dex also learned guitar at a young age, after listening to lots of rock music, with his peers. "My dad converted our garage into a room, where we set up some drums, and guitar amps; We used to party hard and rock out".

Dex grew up listening to bands like: Black Sabbath, ZZTop, Led Zeppelin, Rush, ELP, Genesis, Pink Floyd and many others. "Eventhough I was greatly influenced by rock music, I like alot of other styles, as long as it's good music".

Dex is currently helping other musicians produce their music, from his studio in Hayward CA.


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Clean Clean

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