Funk pioneer, James Brown and others would visit Corey's father, legendary saxophonist, Maceo Parker, often leaving behind cassette tapes of shows & studio sessions, funk tutorials for Corey. Now into his 11th year as a vocalist in his father's band and 5th year as a bandleader, Corey Parker is proving that he was indeed, "Born Funky!"

A uniquely versatile and quality blend of soul and rhyming vocals over the all live instrument groovin' tracks, all written and produced by Parker. Corey has toured the world, jammed w/Prince, & is ready to blow! - 2006 INDEPENDENT MUSIC AWARD - BEST R&B/SOUL GROUP.

"This is funk for the radio!" - E.Lemmer

Born Funky

In the 70's, funk pioneer, James Brown, etc would visit Corey's father, saxophonist, Maceo Parker, leaving tapes of shows & sessions, funk tutorials for Corey. Childhood summer vacations were spent on tour with James Brown, Bootsy's Rubber Band or George Clinton. Now a vocalist in his father's band since '95 and bandleader since '01, Corey Parker is proving that he was indeed, "Born Funky."

"I haven?t heard an album title (Born Funky) more appropriate in a long time. Corey Parker must have entered this world via the womb of funk. He?s performed with the likes of Prince & Ani DiFranco and had his debut nominated for an Independent Music Award...I should have rightly been prepared to funk it to the extreme. But hell all the accolades in the world wouldn?t prepare you for the groovy bass, the slick production, and the dynamic soulful vocals that dominate the album. Wicked."

Corey's professional recording career started in 1995 - writing, singing, & rapping on Maceo's Funkoverload CD, also inspiring the name of the CD. Later that year, Corey's live career began at the Fox Theatre in Boulder, Colorado when Maceo unexpectedly came into the dressing room and asked Corey to perform. Corey has since been in his father's band, writing on every CD & performing at each of the 200 worldwide, marathon shows/yr that Maceo became legendary for during that period.

In 1998, Maceo & his band toured with Ani Difranco. During the tour, DiFranco asked Corey to perform with her, & after the tour, she asked Corey to record with her on her To The Teeth CD. So, in 2001 when Corey self-produced & released his Independent Music Award nominated debut CD, Subliminal Souls, Difranco & also Maceo appeared on the CD.

Since then, Corey has steadily grown as an artist, songwriter, front-man and in 2001, bandleader. He's shared the stage with many world-class artists (most notably, Prince) and now, Parker is poised for a successful future. In September of 2005, Corey and his band performed a showcase tour, opening for Maceo Parker at several landmark venues, including the Houses of Blues in San Diego and Hollywood and the Fillmore in San Francisco. That same week, Corey performed "Born Funky" with the Maceo Parker band on NBC's "Last Call with Carson Daly" show. In 2006, Corey and his band won North Carolina?s Independent Music Award for Best R&B/Soul Band, and Parker?s soon to be released single, ?Dirty South?, was recognized as a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition.

Corey Parker's amazingly soulful - nearly to the point of being a religious experience - EP pulls off something comparable to James Brown, slightly more focused on the R&B. Even the Poets of Rhythm better watch out for this one, because Parker's Born Funky is prepared to ask that one question every party awaits the answer to - "Got Funk?"

Parker himself has no problem masterminding the lyrics, vocals, & some notable sequences on the keys. You'd better be ready for it all, as Parker isn't even afraid to moonlight as an MC and drop a few heavy lines denser than fudge but that go down just as easy. Indeed, his lyrics exude discontent & seem ready to promote change, yet have no trouble remaining positive.
Vocally, the EP runs an smooth operation, and additional harmonies with a pinch more soul as in Prince's true form, especially layered over the existing, only serve to save the funk. If you think you're prepared to "Move a Lil' Bit," check out the track by that title as it'll get you going; and, for the more politically interested, "Affirmative Action" comes with a gold leaf seal of approval. What has funk been waiting for? Apparently, it's Corey Parker's mocha-syrup leaden vocals and get down or get out attitude. Check out the next wave Funkadelic and tonight, make it funky. Genevieve Will,

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