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Meet Kate Rosenblatt, the twenty-one year old aspiring new commer to the music industry. Charmingly quirky and ingeniously unique, she first began writing and recording her own music less than two years ago. Unlike many musicians, who discovered their artistry at an early age, Kate's talent was left undiscovered untill her college years. Although she studied classical piano for ten years as a child, she never thought of her musical endevour as anything more than a hobby. Kate has also held a deep love for poetry and writing, nabbing many first place prizes for her poems as well as taking home the english award in Highschool. However, it wasn't untill two years ago that she first combined her love for music and writing to create her first song ever entitled "Shades of Gray." She recieved so much positive feedback that she was encouraged to pursue this talent. A couple months later and with only a couple songs to her name, she applied to the highly acclaimed Berklee College of Music in Boston and was shocked at her acceptance. However, she quickly realized she needed more time to figure out who she was as an artist and decided to finish her college degree in Anthropology at The University of Florida where she is currently a Senior. To date, she has written over thirty songs on the piano and the guitar, the latter of which she taught herself to play just a year ago. She is focusing on fine tuning selected songs to be released on her Debut Album which she has set to finish by 2007. She has recorded a few demos at Natural Sound Recording Studios and a Demo of "This City" at ever famous "Hit Factory" in Miami under engineer Mark Lee. Even though she has more experience on piano, Katie wants the instrumentation of her album to center around guitar. She was fortunate enough to be able to invest in a Taylor guitar, and her 814 acoustic/electric is going to be the principle sound for the album. Vocally, Katie has managed to have a rather impressive range and tone quality to her voice. She is currently preparing to record her album by training with a vocal coach every week. Stylistically, Her melodies and harmonies effortlessly capture the essence of the emotion she is trying to convey. Her songs are highly melodious, beautifully lyrical and mark a certifiate of authenticity on this aspiring artist. Thematically, Her lyrics touch on all of life's core issues, mixing anguish and introspection into a healing and unforgetable experience. With dignity, grace and honest perspective, this young artist takes the classy route to quiet stardom.

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