Hello my name is Avi Lutinger
I am a musical producer and a musician
I've bean working over the years with film score's and sound tracks ...
music recording and composing in lots of ganers ,,,
my main ganers :
*pop rock
*electronic music in all thier ganers (specially Psytrance)
*connection is the most importent of music business

How i get into the music world

When I was 7 years old I started to play on piano ...
it was nice but not setisfy me ...
then when i was 13 years old i stated to play on drums ...(till this day)
over the years i wanted to capture and record my works ...
as the time passed a way i find my self in small home study equiped with goodies ...
i started to work with local rap and hip hop artist produce few records up to the stores ...
and for my own experience started to work on post production ...
today I am doing all the thing together ..combine groove melody post production etc..
and try to do the best i can


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