I'm Andrew Vroomans, a singer/songwriter/producer of Beatles-type super melodic pop, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The experimental happiness of The-Beatles-with-a-Pro-Tools-rig mixed with The Kinks' warm nostalgia and Elliott Smith's beautiful melancholy.

I released my first solo album 'Frequently Flying Music Chairs' in June 2009. My site can be found at www.andrewvroomans.com

Biography Andrew Vroomans

I'm Andrew Vroomans. As long as I can remember, I've been writing and singing and recording songs about life and love and emotions. These days I even do that professionally.
As an artist-in-my-own-right: melody and harmony and atmospheres and words are my means to get the stories across. I perform and record these songs both solo and with my band Cry Ugly (www.cryugly.com). The band is a britrocking-outfit. We draw heavily from the great, great music of the 60's and 70's. However, apart from the band, I started wondering what mixing the Beatles with Fat Boy Slim and Sex Pistols and ambient noise might sound like. Or how I could stack up super-melodic popsongs with layered guitars and experimental effects..... So that's what my solowork as Andy Vee is supposed to be about: classic supermelodic pop/rock-songs beefed up with electronics and everyday-life samples.
As a songwriter/producer: I've written songs for other artists and usually also produced or at least attented the recording process. I'm somehow able to write a pretty pretty song in about 15 minutes, beginning to end and all. That song still needs some work after that. The words need a lot of work, haha. Since not all songs make sense when I record them as a solo artist, I started writing and producing for other people as well.

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