MAKE THE TRANSITION WITH LIGHT INFORMATION MULTI DIMENSION ASCENSION LYRICS They say this corrupt motha fucka bout to blow up so im thankful for the life that ive lived in and if I done done you wrong right now Im asking you to be forgiving thank you for my blessing lessons earth angel that keep me driven I went down like the sun but here I AM another day ive risen and when the earth like hell I pray my SEEDS I dont fail because I choose to rebel and DEFEAT DECIET this the leek open UP and peep my FREQUENCY to the beat aint fasting but I cant eat and Im amka so you know I dont sleep awh I see it now shape shift just like a southern white face spock owl (owl) whats right when clones under the ground cant even see day light and if you one that think we alone here in this universe well I got something to tell you soul we aint even alone on this earth this a dawnbriner that lit up the single naw not a giggle feel how that tingle multi dimension ascension is a synch when with DIVINE INTERVENTION STAY AT ATTENTION OUR MIND is what they now lynching whats the prevention when evil intention been at this shit for centuries but yet on a lighter note like a Homer Simpson doh when It was all about the dough I prayed to cultivate my soul life is secular it the wheel and we the spoke FEEL HEAL STREGNTHEN WILL DONT CHOCK AND GO FOR YOUR it seems the more that we want it seems the more that we owe so FUCK FEAR AND CONTROL what you seek go out and get it if you need it LOVE YOUR LIFE LIVING IT AND TREAT IT AS IF WHAT YOU SEEDED IN YOUR MIND IS WHAT LEAD IT AND NEVER RETREAT IT WRITTEN BY: RAYAH THA DAWNRINGA AMKA PRODUCTIONS 2012 Category: Music Tags: rayah lemons kiswahili lightworkers lostandfound ascension


Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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