Is this Life in the Big 'B'? (The big city of Baltimore!).... Or Life Just Being Life? This is the story about four ambitious males with four different lifestyles, but each having a single common goal that drives the very essence of their be-in--breaking into the rap music and entertainment industry! Despite what life brings their way-- things like crazy love relationships, broke most days and disobedient, troubled kids along with the usual momma drama, these four brothers are damn determined and willing to ride out the waves of life in order to plant their feet on the shores of success! Known as 'Centree', Nathaniel Jones, Jr. coined his nickname stating that "I am a century ahead of most people and it takes most people a century to catch up with my vision". Centree is the writer and producer in the group while the other two 'chocolate chips 'and vanilla wafer are the rap recording artists. Meeting each other through a mutual friend, they bonded as brothers and have been inseparable for the past five years. Currently involved in a biracial relationship, Centree just can't seem to get his relationships with women straight, even after being married four times to two white wives, two black wives and fathering six children. His current botched relationship involves a 17-year-old son that is being spoiled by his Caucasian mother. Given this dismal mother-son, abysmal relationship, the man-child lacks structure and supervision and gives both of his parents a hard way to go. In addition to being totally disrespectful, he shows pure animosity for Centree and his momma-mia, ignoring their every word. Similar to the personality found in potential criminal elements, the son of Centree rarely attends school, is always angry, uses profanity, is addicted to drugs, steals and makes unreasonable demands on both parents. The son's constant hullabaloo results in more days of conflict than days of peace between his parents. Dominic Newsmith (aka as Nik Soprano) has a good government

Director NaFoe&La Mont Flanagan
Credits 695 Entertainment Conglomerate was created to produce, manage, and promote artistic creativity in the entertainment venue and create an avenue for aspiring artist' Thank you for your interest and support. Executive Producers: LaMont Flanagan,Esq&Nathaniel Jones

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