Magnificent Tuning Guitar (I Break The Rules)

Why do we have to put the strings on the Guitar in the order we do? Lets change the order of the strings and change the tuning. "I Break The Rules!" I replaced the 6th string with a B string. Generally, I tune it to "B", and sometimes I tune it to "A". This is "Magnificent Tuning" and "Magnificent Tuning Alternate". It is some of the most beautiful chords I have ever played in my life. Every time I pick up the guitar, it's amazing to play & to hear. Every time something comes to me and I chord diagram it immediately to capture it. The sound is more of a Folk sound. Listen at the end to the Magnificent Tuning with the Violin. Magnificent Tuning creates some really wild chords. They sound pleasing, but when you look them up (with the tuning set to Magnificent Tuning), you get some wild chord names that often are really long. But, they sound simple. I have actually set my Roland GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer to Magnificent Tuning and recorded it in MIDI. I can assign any instrument I choose. And, I have, for fun, put it in Band in a Box and had it create RealTracks with real musicians fleshing out the band and creating melodies automatically.

Director Michael Hanson Cantwell

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