Show Me Your Love

Song Length 4:55 Genre R & B - Contemporary


Show me your love Copyright 2002 by Steve Zori (ASCAP)
Just got off the phone
Had another fight
And now I think I want out of this
Girl I wish just for once
That you would put
Our love above this petty shit
It'll hurt so much to go, but I know
That it'll hurt me much more each day I stay
Don't you care what I feel inside
Girl I think you don't
So what are you doing here
I remember when you said
That you'd always treat me right
And you said I was your one
That you'd be with for life
Now you got me thinkin twice
If any of that was true
I need to know, you need to show, or I'm gonna go
Show me your love
Verse 2-
Tired of waitin around, tellin myself
That everything's gonna work out fine
I put all my heart and faith in us
Now you make me feel like I wasted time
I'm not askin for miracles, just some love
Cause at this point the words you say just aren't enough
Look at me what do you feel
You say it's still love
Then what are you doing here
Chorus 2x

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