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One day while eating Jello, I contemplated the ominous beauty of the spiral, and thought maybe there's a story behind the mind's twisting and turnings of the heart leading to a Daliesque vision of that very dark place.

Song Length 3:36 Genre Rock - Progressive Rock, Rock - Modern
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Troubled, Tense Subject Dysfunctional Relations
Similar Artists Aerosmith, Nirvana Language English
Era 2000 and later



You tell me one thing then you tell me another
I don't know where you're coming from
You tell lies and you dive undercover
Won't you tell me where you're coming from
Time, time, time, time?

I'm going down, I'm spinning round, I'm going round in a spiral
I'm going down, I'm going round, I'm going downtown
I'm going down I'm spinning round, I'm going round in a spiral
Oh, Oh yeah

Twenty boyfriends in the backseat and she's blind - She can?t see the car comin'
When she tells another lie
Crash and burn - You never learn
Nobody burns this baby until they learn
Time, time, time, time

I'm going down I'm spinning -round I'm going round in a spiral
I'm going down, I'm going round, I'm going downtown
I'm going down I?m spinning -round I'm going round in a spiral
Oh yeah

Turn me round tell me where it's at
Tell me what you want - Tell me where it's at
I should know by now - where you comin' from baby
Oh - What you tellin' me I oughta know
Spin it round for me baby

I'm going down I?m spinning -round I'm going round in a spiral
I'm going down, I'm going round, I?m going downtown
I'm going down I'm spinning -round I'm going round in a spiral
Oh yeah

Love the guitar sounds and flow. Great vocals.

This song is very strong and can fit perfectly into a super hero type movie.Great fit for marvel scene of them kickin butt on the enemy! Great promise for this songs future!
LC Team

This is a really good song, I really like the arrangement, The energy in the playing, the vocal performance and layers of vocals. It's got a classic rock vibe to it but has some really cool elements to it that makes it feel a little more modern. Overall a great song and performance from the band. I wouldn't mind hearing more of their music.

Hold onto your chair because, as the title says, you're going to spin around and around! The melody goes down the scale expertly giving the feel of a relationship gone into a wild emotional ride. The heavy metal guitars and vocals play it out like Bon Jovi or Judas Priest with precision. Okay, send this one to the movies or for use on an album.

Killer intro, excellent theme...I like the idea of the spiral going round and round. Effective word picture (though sad) in the back seat verse. Screaming guitars fit song well. Lead riffs great. Catchy hook. Great job. Danceable.

Cool 80's, 90's power rock vibe. I really liked the various rhythmic interplays, especially the bass to percussion. Nice guitar tracks with genre appropriate effects. The instrumental and instrumental to vocal mixes are very good.

Really good piece of rock. A bit like Led Zeppelin Excellent instruments, very good mix, great vocals. Clearly stands out from many other productions. Congratulations!!!

Overall, great execution, nice production. I enjoyed the lyrics and the arrangement. You guys have a great sound. Nice tightness and feel.

Hell yeah, that riff at the start!
Good strong bass.
The tonal quality of the 2nd vocal line is very good.
Fitting soli.
The vocals climbing into the first guitar solo is very good.
Iwish more people would take a cue from you and write in odd time signatires!

This came on and got my head bangin! This sounds like something I would hear in a movie and XM radios Octane. Great song and I want to hear more so I'm sending a freind request.

Love the energy and its a great song... Took me on a trip..

Strong and aggressive song. Solid vocals and background vocals. Heavy rhythm section! Nice guitar work!

I really liked this one. Powerful. It rocks! It coerver4s all the bases. I see it as metal. The guitar work is excellent. The percussion does not disappoint. The vocals are on pitch, and the harmonies work nicely together. I like the quality of the recording, and this would work out well with the right management.

Loved it!!! It almost brought me back to the early 90's in a sense. Silverchair vibe for sure. Great guitar riffs. Fun structure. Solid rock vocals. All around great song. Keep up the incredible work!

I really like the energy of this and the overall sound is strong. The drum sound is outstanding and the vocal volume is right where it needs to be in the mix. I could hear this in a film background with a couple of tweaks. Very nice.

This song has a great hook. It is well recorded, has a strong vocals, and solid lead guitar figures throughout. The drum mix is excellent as is the tempo keeping. The bass work is very solid and locks right in with the groove of the song. I like the lyric "Round In Spiral" which I believe is the right title for the work. Love it.

i like the time signature moves. good stuff. good guitar work. nice bass tones also. i could see this selling on this site.

I really love the sound of the drums, very cool indeed - the guitar has a great sound as well. I also like the bass guitar and lead guitar - great fills. Sounds a little like a combination of Deep Purple and Led Zepplin.

Nice changes throughout. Nice hook that stays in your head. Great guitar and drum work. Really good sound. Great bridge and background vocals.

Nice tune. Good Groove. Love the vocals and backing vox. Great melody. I could listen to a record full of tunes like this.

Fun tune
Good job - keep it up
Nice guitar solo a la. EVH
Fun vox -

Love the syncopations, stops and nice surprises. Also, great vocal and mix. Has a real nice "real human" that I think is missing in a lot of Broadjam tunes in this genre. Hats off to the drummer as well. Like his patience and not overplayed. Lyrics also real good. None of this love song crap! This is the highest rating I've given in a while.

Very tight sound. The whole band works really well together and it shows through in the mix. great modern rock cut. Great sound and feel all around.

Lyrics Fred Kimmel Music Fred Kimmel
Producer Fred Kimmel Publisher WUJ Productions
Performance Fred Kimmel Label Wuj Productions
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