Skinny Dippin'

Song Description

Folks at a party get busted for skinny dipping and the town puts up signs against it.

Song Length 4:04 Genre Blues - Country, Country - Bluegrass
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Pleasant, Jovial Subject Fun, Freedom
Similar Artists Alabama, Kris Kristofferson Language English
Era 1960 - 1969


The party got started in the usual way
Cocktails and good friends following a long, hard day
Everybody cut loose around when midnight came
We had gotten pretty tight, playing those drinking games,
We started skinny dippin?, skinny dippin? ?till dawn.

Verse 2:
Three kinds of beer and four bottles of rum
By five o?clock on Friday, happy hour had begun
Maybe it was the weather, maybe we needed a break.
Folks just took their clothes off and jumped into the lake.
We were skinny dippin?, skinny dippin? ?till dawn.

Solo Verse

Verse 3:
Oh, but when the sun came up, the sheriff was on the scene
He said, ?you kids get back in your clothes, before I start to get mean.?
We climbed out the swimming hole and put our duds back on
Sheriff put us in the paddy wagon and drove us all downtown.
Booked us for skinny dippin?, skinny dippin? till dawn.

Verse 4: (BRIDGE)
Now I like swimming with my trunks on, just as much as the next guy
But swimming raw in the moonlight, is something I can?t pass by
People think I?m crazy and that I?m a big show off
But I think I just need to cool off? Man, it gets hot down here

Verse 5:
Now there are signs at every swimming hole in town
They?re at the pools and lakes, man, them signs is all around
?Proper Attire Required, Punishable by Fine?
You could pay a hundred dollars y?all or maybe do a little time
Just for skinny dippin?, skinny dippin? til dawn.
Repeat: But I still love skinny dippin?, skinny dippin? ?till dawn.
?aint nothing but swimming with your clothes off

Lyrics Donald Lutton Music Donald Lutton
Producer Donald Lutton Publisher Donald Lutton
Performance Will Thomas: Lead Vocals

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