Full Time Lovers

Song Description

A soul ballad about full time lovers.

Song Length 4:02 Genre R & B - Soul, Jazz - Smooth Jazz
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Lead Vocal Duet Male/Female
Mood Relaxed, Engaging Subject Falling in Love, Relationship
Language English Era 2000 and later

Smooth, Easy to listen too, Sultry progressive

The song has relaxing mellow mood. I enjoyed that. it's great for relaxing at home or a house gathering. The sounds of the instruments blended nicely and the vocals were on point. I believe this song will do well. It clearly portrays an old school sound or a time from the 70's - 80's.

I liked everything about this song. Hoping to hear more soon.

I'm am SOOOOOOOOO a sucker for this passionate Philly-soul style of music. Everything here is right where it belongs. You've got the elements that bring me back to the wonderful 70's, when the music was magical and golden with influences also apparent from Ashford & Simpson. You just gave me some musical smiles!

Has a nice slow mellow r&b vibe. Great 2 part harmonies.

Nice groove. Could listen to this all night.

i'm digging the beat and the groovy beat of the song.

Nice vocals. The duo is great. They go well together.

Lyrics Vittorio Bianchi Music Vittorio Bianchi
Producer Vittorio Bianchi Performance Augusta Trebeschi, Massimo Guerini, Vittorio Bianchi
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