Song Length 3:40 Genre Rock - Progressive Rock, Rock - Heavy Metal
Tempo Non 4/4 Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Still, Stressed Similar Artists Porcupine Tree
Language English Era 2000 and later

reminded me of Steve Wilson (porcupine Tree), more soloist, where he tends to be more minimalistic musically. Has it's charm this song and would like to listen more ofr your songs, to see if this is your tendency or just some kind of experiment.

This a unique piece of work and I'm glad I went for a random style to review.
I like attention to details in the arrangement and the instruments chosen.
Love vocal lines and dry voice at the beginning is a good find.
Dynamic contrast is also working for me.

I'm sure I'll listen to more of yours.

Love your song. Very exciting and full of expectation.
Really great to listen to.

Nice voice

Very cool beginning! Great progressive rock sound!! Nice choice of instrumentations!

interesting start of song, new age sound....good quality of sound and vocal

The song conveys an interesting feel, expectant, a bit spooky and is very well produced. I think it can be used for many suspenseful scenes on TV or films. Good work! =)

I like your lyrical structure, simple, spare, seemed to suit what you were trying to do with this song. Some very interesting sounds used here. The long intro made me wonder what is going to happen here? Is this song about a murder? I'm still here and my rubber band's dry....what are you talking about? Maybe the reason I don't get it is I am 60 years old (?) The ending (rather abrupt) was like the stop of a heartbeat...clever move I think.

Very hypnotic! Great harmonization when it comes in. Fantastic build to the explosive drums.

Really different, grabbed me right away

Lyrics Adam Pietrykowski Music Adam Pietrykowski
Producer Adam Pietrykowski Performance Adam Pietrykowski
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