No words left

Song Length 2:17 Genre Pop - Easy Listening, Pop - General


Take a look to the story written in my face
Pretty sad but I know there´ll be better days
Lets enjoy this last moment until you have to go away
Why does it has to be this way?

You dont know how I wish we could stop the time
In the meantime Ill play for you if you dont mind
Dont remind me that you´re getting late for your plane today
You are going away

Nightime over my shoulders like lazy hair
Time is coming I dont like how this all ends
Draw a picture anytime in your mind and find me there
Ill do the same

Life goes on and some people like to leave a trace
I might find you at a different time and place
Dont say it I know that you are getting late for your plane today
Why does it has to be this way?
Will I see you again?

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