hola puerto rico

Story Behind The Song

written in brooklyn about the bronx a long time ago

Song Description

pop song in english and spanish about a nyc druggie trying to get back to puerto rico and can't, because the govt. is on his case. and the irony of it all is that the millions of illegals who want to be here but the government won't lift a finger to send

Song Length 4:00 Genre Latin - Rock, Rock - Easy Listening
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Regret Language Spanish
Era 2000 and later


three miles out of the city on a freigher.
how i hoped this trip would get me back.
i was stowaway, caught a ride where the bay and the river meet.
meet just below the brooklyn bridge, the brooklyn bridge....

so tired of new york city, i had no money, the streets had
washed me clean.
when i saw the lights of the boats i planned my getaway,
and i threw away a life i didn't need, anymore.

(chorus) and i love the night when i'm on my way.
i love the night when i leave the bay.
my goodbye to all your blues is to
sing in spanish and shed my shoes....
! vete tristeza! , dejanme ya mis lagrimas,
hola felicidad, hola puerto rico!

down the coast at the most a day when they found me.
they radioed a boat to take me back.
locked in chains, what a pain when i see the river,
and the lights on the boats that will never take me back,
never take me back, anymore. (chorus)

Lyrics ty evans Music ty evans
Producer ty evans Publisher ty evans
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