Keep Spinnin'

Story Behind The Song

Feeling lost but trying to deal with it and live with the motto, what'll be will be, but not really succeeding and finding myself questioning everything in life before it happens to avoid making the same mistakes.

Song Description

Worried and anxious about life and not knowing where to turn

Song Length 3:41 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Rap - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Troubled, Worried Subject Existence, Frustration
Language English Era 2000 and later


Where's my life headin', I dunno and it's got me stressin',
Someone up there's messin' with me, keepin' me guessin'
Giving me no suggestions, when I dunno which way to go,
No directions, no signpost to help me along the road,
Dunno where my life's going - it's killin' me - not knowin'
Feel like I'm in a boat, and though i'm floating,
I'm rowing and rowing and rowing, but just spinnin' on the spot,
And I ain't for movin', although I'm givin' it all I've got,
Then I get one of them thoughts - When am I gonna die?
And when it's my time, will I have a hubby by that time?
Will he be by my side, when I close my eyes for the last time?
Hold me tight, kiss me goodnight for the last time?
Or will I die all alone with no one, lying in pain, crying, moaning,
groaning, all alone, I hate that thought, it terrifies me, to the soul,
makes my heart go heavy, chills me to the bone, so here i go,
too-ing and fro-ing in my flow, no answers and no chance that the
answers gonna show, so where I'm goin', I'll probably never know,
But what I do know Is that i need to let it go, go with the flow,

So let my world keep spinnin', my blurred vision, feels like there's a kaliediscope in my eyes, while I try to take life in my stride, get with it, keep spinnin', hoping it'll soon subside, ( x2 )

Where's my life headin', it's like I dunno who I am,
Want to spend my life making music, I feel I truely can,
But I once thought I surely had a decent man, who loved me truely,
but instead, he purely didn't give a damn!
So if something feels oh so certain, then why does it desert me,
Leaving everything - so uncertain, not to mention,
Nothings ever set in stone, sometimes I think I'm gonna spend, my
whole life alone, where am I going, it's killin' me not knowin',
Feel like a statue stood in a square, somewhere,
Watching people too-ing and fro-ing, while I slowly try to make a start, follow my heart, but If I do that, what if it leads me into the dark, and I'm back, calling him baby, lovin' him like crazy,
then bang, full world's turnin' hazy, back in my boat, still afloat,
but the waves, are crashing down on me crazy,
I'm giving it all I've got, but still spinnin' on the spot.


Lyrics Laura Barr Music Laura Barr
Producer Laura Barr Publisher Laura Barr
Performance Laura Barr Label Crew Rascal Records

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