I- Roc

Story Behind The Song

My friends and I were watching an old sitcom. I can't remember which one. This guy hooked up with this girl because she loved his car I-Roc of course My friends and I thought Wow!!! Imagine if a guy did that Today with the same car all beat up and rusty

Song Description

Fun song about the coolest carever made?

Song Length 3:16 Genre Pop - Rock, Pop - Alternative
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Pleased Subject Excitement
Similar Artists Green Day Language English
Era 2000 and later


I use to tke the bus
Now I've got a duel exhaust

It's not a Firebird or a truck
I start the engine I lite them up
I- Roc

pre chorus
Can you feel the power
Getting hotter by the hour
Off the line in '83'

I bought the car for 50 bucks
Drained my savings account on the engine block
I- Roc

I tried growing a stash a fu man chu
And a goat to match
I- Roc I- Roc


20 years to late
It's to hard to get a date
There's nothing wrong with me
There's nothing wrong with my '83'

I put the pedal to the floor
My hoola girl does a dance just for me

You could give me anything
But anything isn't good enough for me
I- Roc

I've got leather seats and wheels of chrome
No one like to be alone


Lyrics Troy Hudson and Scott Clapp Music Troy Hudson, Scott Clapp and Dve Carlberg
Producer Troy Hudson Publisher Troy Hudson
Performance Troy Hudson-Bass, Scott Clapp-Guitars and Dave Carlberg-Drums Label none

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