Super Hero

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Song Length 3:58 Genre Folk - Contemporary, Rock - Indie/Low-Fi


New tears fall on old scars
while the world outside tears its self apart
and time is fading fast
Now I can see you're in pain and i don't know what to do
I have no way to rescue you
oh I, I'm no super hero
But if i was I would save you

Now I've seen the sorrow well up in your eyes
and the courage that it takes to hold back that tide
oh you're my, you're my super hero
and don't you know , how brave you are

There's a tolling bell ringing in my ears
and my hands are too numb to catch every tear
no i I'm so super hero
and if this is to be our final stand
I will fight for you with all that i have
though i I'm no super hero
but i will fight for you
oh i I'm no super hero
but will fight on for you

Lyrics Tristyn Leach Music Tristyn Leach
Producer Tristyn Leach Performance Tristyn Leach, Ray brookes on the cellos
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