Tenebrae 2022

Song Description

This, the 'sister song' to Dance For Your Life' explores someone with a dream being actively derided and criticized by someone, who has made nothing of their own life.

Song Length 6:06 Genre Pop - Alternative, Pop - Dreampop
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Language English
Era 2000 and later


You took a dream I had
And clipped it's wings to stop it taking flight
You lack the inner depth
To justify your lost approach to life

You smite ambition and, sully it 'til it turns faintly sour
You've no integrity and, ... betray yourself
Display your ignorance, the crudest weapon man can ever hold
Used effectively, it's spreading like a virus through my head.

In my mind's eye, you're with me up close, each and every step
In my mind's eye, your dreams are fuel, enhancing those who trail

Those who dream, and those who feed
Following, each fateful deed
Those who gasp, and those who breathe,
Don't let the grass grow underneath
Those who cherish, and those who love
And those with faith, in one above
Those who hate, those who dismiss
Blow off their lives, with one sweet kiss

The spirit's stronger than the soul
Devours deep and swallows whole
The soul is where, your insecurities lie
And let's your dream, wither and die

You're far too critical, for someone with a sedentary life
Beware your scathing tongue, won't gag you in the end
You took a dream I had, and suffocated, any signs of life
Ambition stifles if, it's choked and never sees
The light of day.

Lyrics Greg Beale Music Greg Beale
Producer Greg Beale Publisher Greg Beale
Performance Greg Beale/Samantha Laurilla

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