Yellow Bike (Live recording Aug.2007)

Song Description

See notes from other recordings of this song. Live recording from performance at "Art in the Barn," August 2007, Fitchburg, WI. Recorded/engineered by Jake Johnson, Paradyme Productions. Produced/mixed/mastered by Jake Johnson and Randy Green.

Song Length 4:23 Genre Folk - Contemporary, Folk - Alternative
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Cheerful, In High Spirits Subject Life, General
Similar Artists Indigo Girls, Joni Mitchell Language English
Era 2000 and later


Ten years old in ?74 in a run down shack with a bathroom on the porch
Free school lunch and hand-me-downs and a two-hour ride on the school bus into town
But a view of the ocean from my window
I loved to watch the tide just come and go, there alone

Bought a fishing pole at the five-and-dime...Never caught a fish, but I loved to throw that line
Sittin? on the pier in the salty air, spinning daydreams to pass the time
And I rode my yellow bike on that beach road
Never thought about where I might go...I just rode

Riding, flying, on that road
Laughing, smiling, all alone
Living poor, but living free
Happy on that yellow bike on that road beside the sea

Hibernating in my room with my forty-fives and AM radio
Leaving all the world behind, never wanting more than just that time alone
The nighttime brought its dark and bitter haze
But oh, how I loved those daydream days by the sea

I wonder why I just can?t understand why I?m sad that I was happy then
Do I have such a better life today that I?ll never have that bliss of yesterday?

Twenty-six cats, and two hamsters, the air thick with ten thousand fleas
Waiting for that monthly check to buy one week?s worth of groceries
But I don?t think that occurred to me life wasn?t all that it should be...we just lived

Riding, flying, on that road
Laughing, smiling, all alone
Living poor, but living free
Happy on that yellow bike on that road beside the sea
Beside the sea

Lyrics Tracy Jane Comer and Randy Green Music Tracy Jane Comer
Producer Jake Johnson (Paradyme Productions) and Randy Green (Randy's Recording) Publisher Porch String Publishing (ASCAP)
Performance Tracy Jane Comer (vocal, guitar) Label Self-published
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