Hero I Found in You

Song Length 3:03 Genre Country - Contemporary


Teddy Pyle
2003 Turner Trace West Mt. Juliet, TN 37122 615-758-8346 / 901-634-5163
teddy.pyle@safety-kleen.com / www.broadjam.com/tpyle


Superman on Saturday morning,
Watching TV in my under roo?s
Boy that Man of Steel could fly,
Batman and Robin, and Spiderman,
Incredible Hulk and Yosemite Sam,
These were all heroes of mine.

Years went by and my heroes changed,
It was the NFL and the NBA,
Boy Michael Jordan could fly,
Just one guy stood above them all,
Picked me up when I would fall,
Took me awhile to realize.

Looking for a Hero,
Someone to look up to,
After all these years of searching,
Think I finally found the truth,
Always there beside me,
Somehow saw me through,
Finally found my Hero Dad,
It?s always been you.

Don?t need no Superstars, don?t need no Man of Steel,
I?m older now and realize, none of those are real,
All those things are gone all that?s left now is the truth,
The only Hero I need is you.

(Repeat Chorus)

(January 27, 2006 Teddy Pyle & Jackie Pyle, All Rights Reserved) Hero found in you / Page 1 of 1

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