What if this Song Title is Reading You

Song Length 4:35 Genre Rock - Hard Rock, Jazz - Modern
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Mood Moving, Anxious
Subject Change, Frustration

The song definitely engaged me as it had many intricate parts wove throughout it. I like the hard guitar contrasted with the the soft piano interlude. Very clever writing and has great background movie or TV potential. I could also feel the passion in the music especially in the way the musician played the piano. Very nice composition!

Good instrumentation. Liked the guitar tone & over all vibe to the song. I could hear this song beings used for some kinda of TV show, movie or commercial.

This song is powerful and dynamic. The instrumentation is great. I like all the changes. I picture this song being a great song for a background in a movie. It's like a combination of jazz, rock, and classical. The builds in the song are great. I hope to hear this in a movie someday. You could probable make a video for this song that would be a mini opera.

Music Anthony Cianchetta Producer Anthony Cianchetta
Performance Anthony Cianchetta
Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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