Today is Not the Day

Story Behind The Song

Every where he looks or goes, he is reminded of her. Today is not the day that he'll stop loving her.

Song Description

A girl breaks up with a guy and he has a hard time getting over her.

Song Length 3:15 Genre Country - Traditional
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Moving Language English
Era 2000 and later


Today is Not the Day
Verse 1
I know we are over, and I should move on
Your closet is empty and your clothes are gone
I come home from work, after a long day
Me and the dog still look for you, what can I say
Still have your pictures on my phone
Rewinding the past, when I'm alone
Hanging with our friends is hard to take
They ask about you, and then I break

I know it's over and
Someday I'll move on

But today is not the day
That I stop loving you
Memories will never fade
If they still hold the truth
Can't get you off of my mind
Hearts are hard to change
Wish I could leave all this behind
But today is not the day

Verse 2
Someday I'll forget you and find someone else
But too many memories still left in our house
I turn on the radio, damn that song
Reminds me when you sang along
I bought a guitar and that's a start
Learning to play, while mending my heart
Forgetting seems easy, but is so hard to do
Cuz I'm broken and still in love with you

I wish I could forget you
And find someone else


Lyrics Tom Reardon Music Nick Caiano
Producer Nick Caiano Performance Nick Caiano, Austin Moorhead, Kevin from Studio Pros

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