Take Me Back

Story Behind The Song

Guy misses what he had. Can't believe what he gave up and wants her to take him back.

Song Length 2:52 Genre Country - Contemporary
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Charming Era 2000 and later


Take Me Back
By: Tom Reardon

Woke up thinking 'bout that Christmas tree
The two of us in apartment three
Laughing at that Charlie Brown lookin' thing
It was all we could afford

A bit of coffee with a lot of Kaluha
Didn't need a present cuz I had you and the
Morning cold had ya in my arms so
Who woulda wanted more

Those days were all about

You and me wrapped up in love
I've never felt nothin' like your touch
Holding you close just two hearts beating fast
Thinking of you right now sure takes me back
Baby maybe would you ever take me back

Big city dreams trying to make our mark
Ended up as scars on our own hearts
Then I saw the light how alone in the dark
those bright nights that blinded me

Let me show you now, how good it can be (with)

Same except last line is just two words: Baby, baby

I'm kicking myself for giving you up
I want to come back home
Do you ever think about us?


Holding you close just two hearts beating fast
Oh oh oh
Baby maybe would you ever take me back

I enjoyed listening to this song. The instrumentation and arrangement gave the song a good feel. It was an easy song tonl listen to and kept me engaged. I could hear this song being used in a TV or film library.

I thought you did a real good Job with this one. It was upbeat and fun and made me tap my toes. You put some good descriptions in there. I would have liked to know a little more about makes you want to get back together in there. You did a great job with the music, it was avery good meter and pace. I enjoyed it, it sounded very modern. I wish the last chorus had a little more variatian , it soundeed similiar to the others. Good song, I loved it.

Lyrics Tom Reardon Music Nick Caiano, Tom Reardon
Producer Nick Caiano Performance Nick Caiano

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