A Dose Of You

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Song Length 3:30 Genre Country - General, Country - Alternative


Well I just cant get over whats been happening to me
I'm just not the same as I used to be
I've tried every low fat diet and those high priced shrinks
Honey they were just a waste of time cause you changed everything

A dose of you always takes hold
A dose of you cures the common cold
It picks me up and helps me get through
All I ever needed was a dose of you

Instead of pumping iron and aerobics after work
you help me stay in shape by whippin' up desert
the secret to this recipe is so simple all I do
is pour out all thats in my heart and add a dose of you


You take away my aches and pains
Yeah you can cure it all baby
The only side effects are when I'm going through withdrawl
So I don't get comatose.
I think I'll have you up my dose
with another house call


Sounds very professional. Good rhythm, danceable, good idea for the lyrics.

im waiting for something different here I'm talking about the overall country sound--and the creative effort.
I've been a star, a player, a teacher, writer,producer--all of it!
There has to be a unique sound and I don't here it here!

Thank You and I will now sit down!

Really Neat Country song!! Nice tune, very accessible! Good Music and really cool vocals. Really driving that Hook home!! Cool guitar riff, just a very sweet Country Pop tune!! Great job boys!! Look forward to hearing more songs from you!!!

Firstly the lyrics are excellent and very entertaining. The playing is very tight. The drums, bass and rhythm guitar mesh perfectly. Strong vocal performance. There's a great swagger to the song and I like the lead guitar work at the very end of the song. A catchy tune.

Fun song!! Cool angle to write from.....clever and cute! Production/vocal/musicianship are all very strong! Everything works!!

Nice, creative and fun! Instrumentation is awesome! Vocal pitch, recording and originality all are great. Good job! This was great to listen to. :)

I love this song. A very good message. I really enjoyed the driving guitar. Very nicely done.

Producer TOM HENRY Publisher StraitArch
Performance TOM HENRY
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