Streets Of Montreal

Song Length 4:36 Genre Folk - Contemporary


The Streets Of Montreal
(Tom Dean - George Wardwell) (ASCAP)

The streets of Montreal are filled with people headed home
I hear my lover lived here once, more lonely than alone
I close my eyes and picture her, walking by my side
I wonder did she find true love, and did it live or die

I drift along St Catherine Street, its secrets all revealed
but behind every secret learned another is concealed
We're made to think there's always something else that we can try
The things we do don't change a thing, and this isthe reason why

I am seeking absolution
for forgotten resolutions
I am seeking absolution
in this fast, profane confusion

Back then she wanted nothing less than everybody free
I know it sounds naive to you, but it was real to me
and in the spirit of the time I let her wander on
I didn't know she'd haunt me until after she had gone

I keep the guidebooks close at hand, I let them lead me 'round
From Mount Royal Park, I look out onto hallowed ground
Is she here is this city still, and living every day
Did she ever know how much it hurt to let her slip away

She is seeking absolution
For her broken resolutions
I am seeking absolution
for forgotten resolutions

Now somewhere half a world away, a woman's sitting down
to have a cup of coffee in a sleepy, seaside town
She thinks about a boy she loved a hundred years ago
She wonders what became of him. She knows she'll never know.

I am seeking absolution for forgotten resolutions
I am seeking absolution Long life to the revolution

Lyrics (George Wardwell) (ASCAP) Music Tom Dean (ASCAP)
Producer Tom Dean Publisher Devpro Music Publishing (ASCAP)
Performance Tom Dean Label Dev Productions

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