Bye Bye Route 66

Song Length 3:45 Genre Pop - Rock


Bye Bye Route 66
( T. Dean, A. MacDonald, H. Ludwig )

Route 66 has run out of kicks
Cracks so wide you can feel it inside
The sign said go west but we ran out of road

We all rolled in like a tumblin weed
Old Harleys broken down on one knee
I never thought that it could be me

Bye bye route 66
Bye bye route 66

We had no hindsight our eyes were glassy
As we headed down that pike
Following the sun
We were rebels on the run

But the sun was so hot
That it turned us in
We forgot why we came
We forgot where we'd been
All in all it was a crazy call

Bye bye route 66
Bye bye route 66

We had a dream but they shot the king
Flag on the ass of my old blue jeans
Tell me tell me
What's it all mean

Haight Ashbury fear of flying
I hate landing but it sure beats dying
Was I wasting my time
Was I the scene of the crime

It was Hollywood
It was the bad and the good
This could get ugly
If you don't do like you should
But we never learn
We just let it burn

Bye bye route 66
Bye bye route 66
Chicago to LA
Bye bye route 66
Oooh it's such a long and lonely road
Bye bye route 66
Yeah it's gonna get you there
Oooh yeah
Bye bye route 66
Bye bye
Oooh bye bye baby

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