Two Hearts Beat Better Than One

Song Description

A fun country song

Song Length 3:05 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - Traditional
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Welcoming, Blissful Subject Life, Pride
Similar Artists Shania Twain, Leann Rimes Language English
Era 2000 and later


Two Hearts Beat Better
Than One.

Verse 1:
Looking out across the window
As I watch the world go by
All the busy people
With their heads up in the sky
Who knows where they're going
0nly God knows where they've been
I wonder what they're thinking
I wonder what they've seen.
Let me take you to a place
A place where time began.
Where nothing much could
Come between a woman and a man
Where love was number one When people lived for fun
When two hearts beat better
Beat better than one.
Verse 2:
I can't stop but ask myself if they'll get where they belong
Whether life will treat them kind
Or whether time will make them strong.
Will the troubles of the day
Take them into the night.
Will they see the difference Between what is wrong
and what is right.


Could it be too late
Or do we have the chance
To stop and see what life is all about.
To stop and sing and dance.

Bridge: It all seems too far from what is real
When you have to watch what you're saying
And think before you feel
I want to go back to a place we used to be
When love was all that mattered
And the love you made was free.


Lyrics Tina Pettaras Publisher Tina Pettaras
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